Vonté Silk Radiance Shine Spray

Vonté Silk Radiance Shine Spray

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Vonté Silk Radiance Shine Spray

Specially formulated to silken, repair and protect hair. An advanced scientifically designed alcohol free, non-oily formula gives you shine, shine, shine with no added weight. Protects the hair by actually sealing the cuticle against moisture loss and color fading while leaving a mirror like shine. Eliminates the frizzes and ends static electricity. Silk radiance Shine Hair Spray is perfect for all hair. It increases shine and manageability with out greasy product build-up. Enhanced with botanicals, vitamins, and sunscreen.

The ultimate protecting styling spray.

Silk Radiance was made to shine and protect your hair. Ingredients include Aloe Vera and Chamomile, which help eliminate frizz and protect from sun rays, while lifting your hair with a lasting shine. The addition of Sage extracts acts to stimulate hair growth, creating fuller, healthier locks that will prevent and repair damage. Like a radiant smile, radiant hair is a must!

Radiance, your hair deserves it.


Spray on clean hair as desired.


Spray evenly, about 8 inches away from hair after styling is complete.

Use in conjunction with Silk Control for a thorough shine.