Robert’s Diamond Bond Protective Shield

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Our premium salon inspired line of healthy hair products work together for effortless, damage free, bonding extensions. Our product collection takes tinder care of your hair. Our formulas designed to help maintain and promote strong vibrant ultra rich hair.
Directions: Shampoo and towel dry hair. Before application of Robert‘s diamond bond protective shield, mold the hair with salon pro 30 sec weave it molding gel. After molding the hair dry hair completely. Using a lint brush or a comb began to apply Robert’s Diamond Bond protective shield over dry molded hair spread an ample amount to completely cover the hair. Sit under the dryer for 15 to 20 minutes or until completely dry before applying the weft and tracks. Allow weft and tracks to completely dry before proceeding to style hair.
At removal when desiring to remove the protective shield with wefts. (1) Rinse with warm water until the wefts or tracks are completely removed about 15-20 minutes. (2) Only after all the glue and wefts/tracks are completely removed, proceed to shampoo, condition and style. 

Diamond Bond Protective Shield Kharkoal helps protect hair from bonding glue, Kharkoal used for black or dark colored – treated hair

Diamond Bond Protective Shield Transparent helps protect hair from bonding glue, Transparent is used for light or color – treated hair