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What is a lace closure

A lace closure is a part of hairpieces on the forehead. The hair strands are tied on the light brown lace or transparent lace which gives the hair a natural and invisible look. Lace closures sew in the leave out can be divided to the middle part or other parts you like.

There are many sizes of lace closure that can be chosen: 4x4 lace closure, 5x5 lace closure, 6x6 lace closure, and 7x7 lace closure. Customers can choose different sizes according to their requirements. If you want to have a deep hairline on the forehead, you can choose 7x7 lace closure.

The most lace closure has light brown lace, now transparent lace becomes more and more popular. Customers would like to choose transparent lace closure to make an invisible and undetectable look.

The hair on the lace closure is real hair, hair masters sewed the hair strands on the lace needle by needle. Because it is real human hair, customers can dye and permit with a proper way to the ideal weave hairstyles they like.

Except for the normal hairstyle body wave, straight wave, and curly wave lace closure, Julia hair also provides deep wave lace closure, natural wave lace closure, kinky straight wave closure weave, kinky curly hair closure, loose deep closure, water wave lace closure, and loose wave lace closure, there should be one fit for you.

How long does a lace closure last

A lace closure installations should last 2-3 weeks if you use glue. Generally, it depends on what types of glue you use and the skill of how to install a lace closure. Closure hair can be co-washed, it can last about 1 year with proper care. Because the hairs are hand-tied on the lace, so the hair on the closure has knots on lace. The hair will be shedding if you use the wrong way to use it.

What is the difference between a lace frontal and a lace closure

Customers hear about lace closure and lace frontal in the hair market when they use hair products.

The obvious difference is the lace size. Lace frontal also called ear to ear frontal which means the length of a lace frontal covers one ear to another ear, mostly it is 13 inches, but the deep of the lace frontal is different, some are 4 inches, but others are 6 inches. If you want to have a long deep, you can choose 6 inches. While the lace closure is narrow, only 4 inches. Some are 7 inches long. It only can cover the forehead upon.

No matter lace closure or lace frontal, they are accessories for sewing in hair. If you just use the hair bundles, it is ok for making a wig. But with lace closure or a lace frontal, they make your hair wig more natural and invisible.

Lace frontal and lace closure give you different hairstyles. You can make a weave hairstyle with a lace frontal in pulled hairdo, while a lace closure can’t. With lace closure, you can comb your hair back and no worry about the hairline. The frontal sew in hair gives you an entire and beautiful hairline, so it is welcomed by adorable women.

Which is better between silk closure and lace closure

Compare with silk closure, lace closure is thinner and more flexible which is easy to apply on your head. The result of using a lace closure is flat and seamless. But, the knots on the lace closure are visible with black knots, which can be noticeable if they are not tweaked first. So, some customers will bleach the knots on the lace before they use the lace closure.

Silk base closure has a silk cloth under the lace to make the scalp of the closure appear even more believable!

Do lace closures damage your own hair

If you use the proper way, it won’t. the lace is Swiss lace, it is very thin and breathable. When you wear a wig, you need to apply some glue, please choose good quality glue, and when you remove the hair wig, please use some oil to loosen the lace, or if you stretch the lace, it will let your hair shed, it becomes bald. So the right way can protect your hair like a hat but more natural.

How many bundles should I choose with a lace closure

When people want to sew in a hair wig, they are questioned about how many bundles they should use with a lace closure. The answer is that it depends on how long you want your hair is. If you want to have a wig more than 20 inches, you need to choose 4 bundles, while you want to have the length less than 20 inches, you can order 3 bundles with a closure. The weight of each bundle of hair weft is fixed about 100gram, so the longer, the thinner. If you want to have thick and full hair, please according to this standard to choose the hair you need. If you use a frontal, the quantities of hair bundle less than using a lace closure. 

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