Happy Black History Month

Posted by Roger Gilchrist on

Shouting our month is here! We are living loud, proud, and embodying our black excellence every day. Black History Month is our time to share why our pride in what makes us divine. These past few years have been hard, so pardon me if I overshare or am too loud in my achievements but I am Black, and I am Proud. Can I get Amen? We created our website to have a specific products and safe space for our clients to shop from the comfort of their homes. More importantly, we choose to highlight Black-Owned Products and Black-Owned Hair Companies. 

Our younger generation are astonishingly profound and well knowledgeable in Black History Facts which are not being taught in school. We came across a Tiktok video made by a Gen Z teen and whew, they are becoming Historians of untaught Black History Facts. With that being said, I encourage us all to share the stories of our past, from our travels, and from our favorite African Americans writers. Once I shared with my nieces a time when I was called vulgar words, and surprisingly they shared similar stories. We discussed how we handled it and how we can no longer tolerate ignorant behavior from our peers and elders.  

Our Website features a wide assortment Black-Owned Hair Products and Black-Owned Hair Companies, which will continue to expand. We are making a conscious decision to spend our money within the Black Community to create Black Generational Wealth. Our Brick and Mortar location was started because a lack of hair care for our family and neighbors. We appreciate your business and thrive to meet our customers satisfaction. Not seeing your favorite product or is there a Black-Owned Product you love? Email us and we can gladly add it to our website. As always, stay Black and Remain Proud.  

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